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Holly Huntimer researched the housing market extensively for our new home. Ms. Huntimer kept us informed and involved during the whole process. Ms. Huntimer made our dreams come true and we have the upmost respect for her. I would recommend Ms. Huntimer to any other home buyer. Ms Huntimer demonstrated a positive work ethic, even when we were a pain in the side about certain houses. I want to thank Ms. Huntimer for all of her hard work and compassion towards us.

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Worked with Holly in finding a rental. Moving across country, Holly made it extrememly easy by helping me narrow down my choices before coming into town, and then took care of all paperwork while I was out of state. She definitely helped smooth the transition. I would recommend Holly to anyone moving across country into the AZ area.

5 user5914345

Holly was there any time I had a question. She tried to explain anything I didnt understand the best she could. She was not scared to give her opinion on situations. I am truly pleased with my house and I have her to thank for it!!

5 upgrmlc

Holly has been one of the best agents we have ever had. We are very picky and Holly went above and beyond to find us the right home. She helped us negotiate issues with the builder and has always followed up with us in a timely manner. She calls to check on us and will always help when needed. Holly is one of the best agents in AZ!!

5 user6761715

Holly is somewhat new to the area but she did everything she could to help. Knowledge of the area comes with time and experiences but friendliness and eagerness to help doesn’t and that’s what I was so pleased with. She is always available and was on the ball with everything from loan and bank contacts to getting me into all the houses in my price range. She is very friendly and took all my house criteria to heart. If she didn’t know something, she was upfront and honest about it and found the answer very quickly. She didn’t try to push me in any one direction on a house and let me make the decisions I wanted. I definitely recommend Holly to anyone!

5 JenDoely

Holly was so helpful in helping my husband and I find and purchase our first house. She explained each step to us before it happened so we were always aware of what was going on and why. She made herself available to us at all times and made it possible for us to look at houses when it was the most convenient for us. She also let us know that if we ever needed her help for anything else she would be there even after we purchased our house. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking into real estate.

5 doriedodds

Holly was fabulous, Great pictures, great advertisement. She found a renter in 7 days Would highly recommend her. She was very friendly and always returned my call.

5 azlaura17

Holly is very knowledgeable, personable and prompt. She always got back to me in a timely manner and always seemed to be on top of my searches. We would go out house hunting whenever we could and I knew she understood my needs based on the houses we would look at. I would definitely work with Holly again next time I need a realtor.

5 lreedy1

I found Holly when trying to locate a Realtor who could represent me and handle everything since I was relocating from Ohio to Phoenix. I first contacted several agents via email to see who would respond. Holly reached out to me within a few hours, and then followed up via phone to explain the whole process.

She provided excellent communications through out the process, and constantly checked back with me to make sure all my questions were answered.

Found a great house, and I’m thankful for all her hard work during this process. Could not have gone smoother and she totally assisted what could have been a very stressful process.. making it almost enjoyable! I would absolutely user her services again when I next need an agent.

5 DJChristensen7

Holly’s mission as my realtor was not an easy assignment. Because I had only traveled to Phoenix three times previously, I was truly looking for a realtor that not only knew Phoenix and the suburbs, but understood and respected my requirements. Since we had not personally met, it was critical that Holly listen, evaluate and communicate clearly and frequently. She set up a personal website with homes that met the “must haves” and for several weeks Holly and I reviewed the list nightly. After selecting the top contenders, I flew to Arizona to meet Holly and to tour the homes. Holly added a home to the tour because she believed that this house not only met the criteria, there was room to negotiate that asking price. And today I am living in that home because of Holly’s keen perception, champion negotiating skills and knowledge of Arizona laws including rental agreements (which at one point was key in our contract offer). Her whole team kicked into gear to make my out-of-state move run smooth. So I highly recommend Holly Huntimer because she is professional, skilled, energetic, responsive, positive and a masterful contract negotiator. What a powerful combination!

5 beckerr1111

Holly is a go getter.I think she would do well in anything she set her mind to. She set her mind to finding us a house and she found our dream house. Please give Holly A try you won’t be disappointed.

5 sdmagee

I’d like to give a shout out to Holly for the awesome specialized attention she provided me during my frantic moments of trying to find the perfect home. I had just moved from my home which I had to sell and did not think I could find anything comparable. In fact I looked on my own for several weeks but was faced with disappointment after disappointment. I was very specific with my expectations and Holly delivered as promised a very nice rental that I feel at home in.

If I find myself in the market of looking again Holly will the first person I call!

Thank you Holly!

5 moesabawi

Holly is probably one of the greatest real estate agents we’ve ever worked with. She’s always punctual and always in a bright mood! Buying a house isn’t an easy process, especially when you dream of a big house and end up with a smaller house for cost savings. But throughout all, we have been very pleased with Holly’s services. She was very informative and very proactive when it came to buying houses, as well as having a sense of humor to lighten the mood. Thank you for bearing patience with us as we looked through many houses and eventually found the one we really liked! 🙂

-The Sabawi Family

5 ReggieGajeski Lane

Holly did an amazing job at helping us buy our first home together. She kept in regular contact with us and helped walk us through every step. She is friendly and down to earth, which made it easier to work with someone who wasn’t boring.

5 user5024688

I was a first time buyer of a house, and Holly went out of her way to explain things to me. After visiting with her for a short time, she knew exactly what I wanted. Holly kept in contact with me often. If she was not sure of an answer to my question(s), she found out quickly and got right back to me. It was always very evident that HER goal was to find a house that I would really like. Holly relates to people in a friendly, honest way. I highly recommend her to be your realty agent!

5 mbecker881

I purchased a home and sold my home through Holly. When I was purchasing a home, Holly would pre-screen the houses for us to verify the condition of the home and to verify that it had the more important features that we were wanting. She was always pro-active and was very patient with us when we were trying to decide on house. She ALWAYS called us back when we had questions. Due to unfortunate circumstances I had to sell my home. Holly and Monique helped me get the house on the market. I sold my home in one day and received my asking price! They are a great team!

5 rockethobbit

Holly was our agent through three separate real estate transactions in 2015 and we would recommend her services. She is responsive, friendly, patient and thorough in her support of your transaction. We were picky buyers considering the scope of the transaction and she supported us with all our concerns and questions throughout each of the transactions.

5 mrsgiles03

Holly is the realtor you want on your side/in your corner. She puts the PRO in professionalism. Her attentiveness was more than we could ask for. She was always there willing to assist at the drop of a dime. She knew exactly how to meet all of our needs and then some. Thanks for everything Holly! You’re amazing!

4 zakage

Holly was great and was very easy to work with. She kept me up-to-date with pertinent information as it developed. Everything just sort of fell into place working with her and she tried very hard to ensure that I was satisfied throughout the whole process. Definitely recommend this Agent to anyone.

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