10 Tips & Tricks to Sell Your Home
Holly K Huntimer
May 21, 2013

One thing to remember when selling your home is that people want a package. Most people want to buy a home that is move in ready. They don’t want to think about the extra cost of flooring, window coverings, paint color, and replacing fixtures. Not to mention; if it’s a first time home buyer, with an FHA loan and limited resources, they may just not have the money. If you take the time & money and do it now; you can add that value in to the sales price. Trust me, a buyer will knock $350-500 off the value of a home in their head, for something that may only cost you $100 to fix or replace. What are you looking for in your next home? Do you want a big project?

1.) Hire a Realtor; a marketing expert.

2.) Take down all personal photographs and very carefully pack them away.

3.) Consider slapping on a fresh coat of neutral paint if you have any non-neutral paint colors.

4.) Update any outdated fixtures (they won’t cost as much to replace as they will decrease the value to the buyer). You want the home to seem updated, like new. If the carpet is more than 5 years old or anything, but neutral the buyers may get intimidated.

5.) Make sure you get rid of any odors. Get room neutralizers for the plug ins but no deodorizers. Unfortunately, you may not notice the odd smells, but if you’ve had pets, or smoked inside chances are good your home has a special odor.¬†Get rid of scent problems at the source: scrub the house, have the air vents cleaned, replace old, smelly carpeting and smoke outside if you must smoke around the house at all.

6.) Take down anything mounted on walls you don’t want buyers to have. If they see it; they may want it.

7.) If you’re planning on moving anyways, Start Packing! Start packing the knick-knacks and collectible items as soon as you’re done with those family photos. Clear off all counter tops and shelves. Rent a storage unit for things you want to keep or sell down the road and take donations to good will. Less is More when it comes to selling your home. People want to imagine their own stuff in their and most people don’t have a very good imagination.

8.) Include appliances. As trivial as it may sound, especially if you’re dealing with a first time home buyer- the idea of buying a washer, dryer, & fridge can be a daunting and terrifying task. Wouldn’t you want to buy new anyways?

9.) Make sure the house is always ready to show on a moment’s notice and that you leave while the agents are showing the buyers around.

10.) Never say No. Make sure you always counter offer. You never know what they are thinking and sometimes buyers can get discouraged. Play Ball so to speak.

** Remember, at the end of the day: a home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it! **

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