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Packing Inventory List & A Few Tips

A home inventory is always a good idea when moving.

Checklist for Packing & Unpacking Your Home

– Always bring valuables, photos, and things you would die or cry without, with you, in the car or on your person or take them to a trusted friend’s house until after the move.
– Start packing as soon as you know you are going to move… but start with the things you don’t need! Books?! Out of season clothes? Those kitchen items you can’t spare, but don’t seem to need. (This will also help you downsize and decide what you can live without.)
– Depending on how far you are traveling and who is helping you move, you may want to consider only writing suggested rooms and a few things on each box and have a separate inventory sheet with a more detailed description.
– Use Different Colored Duct Tape for each room of the house to assist with differentiating. Likewise, you can also use different colored sharpies.
– We found it useful to line all the boxes up in the garage in aisles so we could access the boxes we needed sooner and unpack one box at a time.
– Smaller boxes are better because you can put heavier things in them.
– Make sure every box is full… this is what packing peanuts and newspapers are for. After you put in your items, make sure you top off the box. This helps prevent crushing, shifting, and damage. These are cardboard boxes, not steel.

What tips do you have that I should add?
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